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About Shanee

The colors in nature. The magic light that bathes our land. A home. Gardens filled with centuries of history. The quiet time when the sun is going to rest.

The beginning of a new day. The masters. Far away places. My back yard.

The people that make my day. Life is the creative inspiration. An artist working in oils. An actor on stage. A sculpture. A writer. All are on a creative journey, a voyage that is thankfully so exciting and never ending. When you choose to view the world through my eyes, my heart, my hand, I hope you allow yourself to see something refreshingly new – a motion a bite of life that evokes a memory.

The creative process invites you into a special world, allowing space for you to enter and feel part of the scene. Yes there are times when my intent is for the audience to be  a voyeur, but I will allow you to choose when and which bite of life you wish to enter or peek at. I appreciate your attention, and hope you enjoy the view.

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