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Lady Luck

Lady Luck


A peek into the creation of Lady Luck, featuring vintage American jewelry.

As I began to create this sculpture, I started to think about all the incredible people who have held and worn these jewels throughout the years – the amazing stories that could be told about their lives, and the times they lived in,  their personalities, their experiences.  If you believe every object has its own energy, and something held or worn by a person does in fact absorb their spirit, can you imagine these many pieces of jewelry some worn so close to the heart, and the power they convey? 

I like to think Lady Luck isn’t just preserving those stories, but also the American jewelry designers from the ’20s onward, whose jewels are featured on this piece. With their sense of timeless design, these pieces are just as beautiful and inspiring today, as they were the day they were created. The dedication to shape, creative design and quality was an inspiration with fitting each gem on Lady Luck and Diamond Jim. Lady Luck is mesmerizing, a fantasy sculpture made for your eyes, imagination and sheer pleasure.